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Poster: csb99 Date: Apr 22, 2007 5:21pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Incomplete Aristotelian collection (12 volumes - 1 missing?)

Being an inveterate collector, I am familiar with this set. From somewhere on the Internet ( sorry, didn't keep the url ) , the second volume is described as: Vol II, 1930, approx 550 pages: Physica (1930, R.P. Hardie and R.K. Gaye), De Caelo (1922, J.L. Stocks), De Generatione et Corruptione (1922, Harold H. Joachim). Given that all the sections have different editors - translators, arguably another translation of the individual work would complete the set. I do not like incomplete sets either, but when you consider that these books must have been in open stacks for 70 years it is perhaps not surprising that a few volumes would be missing. ( am including the internet article, I think a description from a bookstore with the set for sale. Oddly vol.IX of the set here does not begin with the Nichomachean ethics ).

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Poster: aristotler Date: Apr 23, 2007 5:19am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Incomplete Aristotelian collection (12 volumes - 1 missing?)

Thank you for your reply. Strangely, people here do not respond very regularly though many seem to have seen the message.

I understand that some other source could complete the set, though I would not like to have an inconsistent set. I want all the volumes to be part of one collection and presented in some consistent manner.

Finding the last volume of this particular collection doesn't matter, anyway. I am discouraged in reading this collection due to the fact that everything in it is titled using some language other than English (unlike the 5-volume collection of the complete works of Plato), though the volumes are written in English. (For example, "Categoriae" instead of "Categories", "Physica" instead of "Physics", and so on.) Though this may seem like a trifle subtlety, it truly does make it painful to read as few other sources I consult use these foreign titles; and I also do not know of how I could translate those titles which aren't directly decipherable. I also see it as a strangely arrogant gesture. But enough of this.

Therefore, does anybody know of some alternative place where I could download the complete works of Aristotle all in one place and consistently put together like the mentioned collection, though without foreign titles, and of course, without missing volumes?

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